Angie and Mathole’s ‘druggie’ son attacks their vehicles

Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga  had her son arrested after he allegedly
slashed the tyres of her vehicles, including a BMW X5, and also scratched their rooftops
while apparently high on dagga cupcakes and other illegal
substances. Sunday World can reveal that Motshekga opened a case of malicious damage to property at the Midrand police station on Thursday last week against her
son, Kabelo, indicating that he damaged  her vehicles at their Midrand home.
The minister, in her affidavit deposed to at the station, has also asked the police to investigate a certain white VW City Golf, which she said she suspects was selling the illegal substances to her son.
She alleges that every time the car comes to her house, her son’s behaviour changes, isolating himself in his  cottage at a home the minister shares with her husband, former ANC chief
whip Mathole Motshekga, her mother, three daughters and two helpers.
In the same statement, Motshekga said she noticed that her cars were damaged on
Thursday morning when she was about to take the children to school. Her BMW X5’s two tyres had been punctured. She had to use a Mercedez-Benz that was spared the damage to drive the children
to school. However, she said it was on her return from school that she realised not only her BMW X5 was damaged, four other vehicles in the yard were also punctured and their rooftops had been scratched with a sharp object. Among the cars scratched
and punctured, the police statement shows, was a Colt bakkie, a Opel Corsa bakkie, a Volvo
and a Dodge. All these cars, Motshekga said, had two or three of their tyres punctured. “I am duly aware that the suspected individual of the criminal event is my son Kabelo. I personally called police several times about his behaviour, which always changes
suddenly, as he can be happy and sad not knowing the reasons
of his anger,” said the minister in her statement.
The minister confronted him about the damage to the cars
and Kabelo nodded, she said, confirming that he was taking responsibility. In the same statement, the minister said out of concern as a parent, she decided to check out his cottage and got
the shock of her life when she  found  dagga and numerous illegal substances.
She said she also found cupcakes, a packet of  filters and  other illegal substances which
she could not identify. She said she had called the police several times because Kabelo had given her problems before.
Provincial police spokesperson Kay Makhubele confirmed a case of malicious damage to
property was opened. Motshekga’s
son had since appeared in
court. Motshekga confirmed she opened a case against her son
and said she just wanted him to be punished for what he did.
She said she later withdrew
the case based on her lawyer’s
advice. Kabelo said he had no
comment on the matter.


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