Catching up with Kwela Tebza

Johannesburg – The businessmen have added their voice to the fight against GBV, writes Kuli Roberts.

Whether you loved them because they are good-looking or you wanted a change from kwaito, we all know Kwela Tebza, a musical group of three brothers – Mpho, Tshepo and Tebogo – are a part of South African history.

They are important because they brought back the pennywhistle that evokes images of 1950s South Africa, a tough time in our history.

We know pennywhistling will never stop being popular as long as the Kwela Tebza brothers are alive, according to Tebogo.

The gentlemen might not be on your stages anymore, but they are still keeping up with the times by running a men advocacy organisation against gender-based violence (GBV) and they are entrepreneurs called Runnning Act Now.

They shared some tips on staying in their own lane. Mpho – Chase your dream, apply both body and soul towards the targeted dream and never give up.

Tebogo – Stay humble and remain resolute. Tshepo – Always stick to the vision, never alter your direction because of influence.

Mpho Lerole and Thembi

Great advice from the gents who are now involved in mining, telecommunication and farming. But, of course, it cannot be all work and no play. We can reveal that there will be wedding bells soon, and all I will say is that it’s one of the Lerole brothers, and she is beautiful.

“We have always been interested in business and thank our parents, Thembi and Shamber Lerole, who I must add are the most amazing parents,” said Tshepo.

They also thank their second mother Daphne Nkosi who inspires them and is also a positive infl uence in their business lives. They also plan to release new music soon with a new sound and culture, but they promise to stay true to their true passion of pennywhistling.

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