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Johannesburg – With Covid-19 keeping many indoors, Sunday World speaks to hairstylist Thomas Theola about affordable looks that you can try at home.

Theola suggests low-maintenance hairstyles or wigs if you are at home for long periods of time.

“Knowing which wig is perfect for the shape of your face is crucial because you want to look your best even at home,” he says.

Shapes – 

Heart-shaped face: A bob hairstyle or chin-length layered styles work great for this shape. Round-shaped face: A long hairstyle will complement the round face and make it look narrower.

Square-shaped face:

These faces look glorious with a curly wig, which will complement the shape and ease it.

Pear-shaped face:

Wigs that add volume at the forehead and the crown area to complement the shape are recommended.

Diamond-shaped face:

Popular styles for this shape are bobs or bangs to cove the narrow forehead.

Oval-shaped face:

Since this is the most balanced face shape, you can wear any style, length of any wigs. Wigs Though there’s an anti- wig movement despite the fact that wigs have been worn by Egyptians for centuries, wigs save you from a bad hair day.

They also protect your hair while growing it, and from over manipulation, breakage and weather conditions.

“Wigs also allow you to keep your hair and scalp moisturised with minimal greasy residue,” says Tsheola. Hair care Instead of spending thousands of rand and time at a salon, why not treat yourself to a glorious hair treatment at home?

Light up the candles, put on the music and give yourself a treatment at home.

Tsheola advises that you wash your hair with water for a minute before applying shampoo and ensure that it’s the correct shampoo for your hair type.

After the shampoo has been washed off your hair, follow up with a conditioner.

When rinsing the hair, it is better to use cold water to seal off hair cuticles. Cold water is also recommended because it doesn’t dry out your hair and scalp. Rinse and apply leave-on cream.

Blowdry the hair while gently detangling it using a wide-tooth comb. Dyes

According to Tsheola, some colour is also another option to add some fun to a hairstyle. He says he has seen the colour movement with generation X and the majority are bright and in your face such as purple, blonde highlights or red, which he recommends.

Tsheola adds that purple, blonde and red shades are the hottest looks all seasons and allow you to create warm and cool hues. Many of us keep our hair short for low maintenance and financial reasons, but Tsheola shows you how to save a bit while recommending looks that suit your face, all this while social distancing from other people. Social distancing, great hair and saving money, I like it.

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