Gender wars: pick a side


‘Uyajola99’ sets off a new trend


Vusi Nzapheza


The gender wars have taken a nasty turn on digital platforms as men and women celebrate the indiscretions of their own.

I first noticed this trend after every episode of Jub Jub’s popular Uyajola99.

Whenever a usually male cheat has been caught in the act, women would ridicule and slate the guy mercilessly.

When a female has been caught with her panties down, there’d be a half-cooked
attempt to justify her actions and even blame her man.

When actress Jada Pickett Smith hung her dirty laundry on her Facebook show last month and confessed that she got into an “entanglement” with a younger musician, August Alsina, the genders were enthralled.

Her husband, actor Will Smith, became the butt of jokes and a trending meme for his pained expression when his wife made the confession for the world to see.

The ladies cheered Jada while the guys bristled for a place to hide.

Will was seen to be a wimp by others after he meekly accepted Jada’s indiscretion while others speculated that he likely had a side chick too and therefore had little to complain about.

This week, the gender wars got into higher gear, thanks to Zodwa Wabantu. The naked dancer went on Twitter and put a country on the head of her missing Ben 10, Vusi Ngubane. She threatened the young lad for allegedly defrauding her and using her name to acquire a car. The couple had broken up and Vusi had moved on and found himself a woman his age.

Vusi has since been lauded as a men’s hero for playing a cougar and dumping her. The guys claimed the young man had fixed the country while some ladies warned older women to be careful of falling for the charms of broke young men.

It is not clear whether the case against Vusi will ever be tested in court after the police assured him he was not a person of interest. However, in the court of public opinion, Vusi rides off to the sunset with Cinderalla while Zodwa is left clutching a broken heart.

Now, I’m no expert on gender issues nor am I a relationship counsellor, but all these public fallouts have seemingly divided people according to their gender.

Each side celebrates the comeuppance of their own while deriding the indiscretions of the other. I know men are from Mars and women from Venus, but I’m afraid the gender wars will end in tears.



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