Up close and clothed with tigress Mbali

By Kuli Roberts

These two qualities describe Mbali Maphumulo, who plays Manelly on Erased on Moja Love. Manelly is a prostitute who has taken the role of mother to other prostitutes who are erased by society as they stand tall and refuse to be erased by those who look down on the world’s oldest profession.

Mbali’s outstanding performance as Manelly has the show trending every Sunday, so we caught up with the talented thespian to find out what keeps her beautiful outside since hubby, Dumisani, keeps her beautiful inside.

To maintain that beautiful face, she performs a deep facial cleansing once or twice a year, not too often as her skin is sensitive. On a daily basis, she uses Dr Rashel Collagen cleansing water and then applies snail gel.

After 30 minutes, she applies E45 to moisturise and to look radiant she uses MAC and Signature make-up brushes.

Although she did not want to mention who her favourite make-up artist is, she did admit that the industry has some good artists, noting that mentioning one would be unfair.

“But what’s unfair are those really bright glittery colours on people who end up resembling circus members … and black eyebrows are my worst as they don’t seem natural”


  • Stay natural with your make-up at all times so people can see you
  • Use shimmer for your cheeks instead of pink cheeks
  • Nude is perfect for everyone, so go on, get nude
  • Use sunscreen under your make-up as prevention is better than cure.
  • In summer, if you sweat a lot, try to apply make-up that does not need too much powder, leaving you looking muddy

“It was hard to prepare for this role as there is loads of nudity, but I told myself that it was art and to get on with it, as everybody’s story deserves to be told and we as artists are instrumental in telling these stories. I also have to be one with my inner tigress.”


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