Gigi Lamayne responds to claims made by Inno Morolong with attorneys letter

Johannesburg – Local rapper Gigi Lamayne has responded to socialite and club host Inno Morolong’s claims that she’s ‘after her boyfriend, Fermi Large.’

Gigi Lamayne said in an Instagram post that she has engaged her attorneys on the matter.

“In light of all the statements and videos published by Inno Morolong, I have since engaged my attorneys to take over the matter and I will not be making any further comments/statements regarding this issue. The letter from my attorneys sent to Ms. Morolong earlier today is attached hereto,” she captioned her Instagram post with an image of the letter attached.

It was also stated in the letter that the attorneys were instructed to issue summons of a claim of R1 million from Inno Morolong for the reputational damage caused to Lamayne.

Earlier this week, Inno Morolong trended on Twitter timelines for making a series of allegations on her Instagram account.

The socialite, in a video, castigated Gigi for trying to ‘make a move’ on her boyfriend Fermi Large.
In the letter issued to Morolong, it was said that Morolong stated some of the below about Gigi on social media:
  • Gigi followed her boyfriend on Instagram and accused her of being “busy” with her “leftovers”;
  • Challenging Gigi to a “boxing match or fight”;
  • Calling Gigi “dirty”, a “b****” and body-shaming her;
  • Accusing Gigi of being a “sangoma”;
  • Accusing Gigi of “copying” her style; and
  • Threatening to release Gigi’s “nudes, sex tape, and dirty laundry”.

Take a look at the letter Gigi posted on Instagram below: 


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