Playing with lives of kids

26 April 2020

When the government relaxed reg­ulations to allow child visita­tions for parents not living to­gether, South Africans breathed a sigh of relief because the move was correctly seen as a victory for the wholesome de­velopment of children.

But reports, as we carry elsewhere in the paper, that one parent delegated his time with his children to his friend while he went to work, must concern all of us. The two parents have different versions about what the truth is. We accept that the truth, sometimes, is unknowable. But the principle remains.

Parents must not pass on their children to third parties because this increases the risk of infection to all concerned. It is, at a general level, reckless and naïve but, more specifically, defeats the intended purpose of the lockdown. Playing mar­bles not only with the lives of the chil­dren but the other parents who must re­ceive the children afterward, must be condemned in the strongest terms.

As a people, we must not take the liber­ties meant for the benefit of children and turn them into something that might end up killing them.

The coronavirus might be considered novel, but it has killed over 50 000 peo­ple around the world.


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