Women power needed for an ailing Mzansi


23 August

Politicians and their docile followers have been frothing at the mouth since the news of the construction of an Afrikaner university was released.

Five years down the line, Afrikaner youth will be capped to the sounds of Gaudeamus Igitur and the shrill cries from our political guardians would have simmered down.

Afrikaners have harnessed the power of the collective, and previously tapped into the state’s financial muscle, to allow them to go about their way in building institutions that empower their own. The most vulnerable were shielded from the ravages of society and those with slight learning disabilities were trained as boilermakers, plumbers, electricians and builders.

This is far from being a thesis on the rise of the Afrikaner financial muscle. It’s an attempt to show what happens when you deliberately and unashamedly put your people first. It is what everyone who voted had hoped for after patiently negotiating snaking queues in 1994.

Afrikaners are quietly solidifying and rebuilding their institutions using old and new money. The Afrikaner empowerment programme is a lesson in how making available state resources and critical brainpower can change the course of history and make a nation reach the levers of the economy much easier. It is an example of how deferred consumption and delaying the thrill of being behind the wheels of a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon makes everyone a winner, ensuring no one is left behind in abject poverty.

Don’t get me wrong. State resources were stolen and diverted, but in a subtle and understated manner during apartheid. Prisoners were forced to work at private farms for free. Senior politicians were gifted thriving commercial farms as retirement presents.Everybody was making merry.

Seeing that government resources are constantly diverted, siphoned and misappropriated before they reach the intended target, how about us black folks turn to the church not only for spiritual sustenance but for our physical and economical needs too?

What’s stopping the Zionist Christian Church or Grace Bible Church from establishing nursery schools, primary schools, high schools and even universities for their members?

What’s stopping them from setting up factories and farms to make uniforms and grow tea for their congregations?

What’s stopping them from establishing candle-making factories or funeral undertakers and burying their members with dignity?

As we see off Women’s Month, maybe it’s time women were begged to lead the church. They are the ones who spend more time there and have shown time and time again that they can stretch the household’s meagre resources to cover for everything. We can’t afford to suffer while capable leadership is sidelined. Take the baton and transform the nation, imbokodo.



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