Zuma is on his tricks again

10 May 2020

UBaba and Family has a ring of a feasible television sitcom. Set in the rolling hills of rural KwaZulu-Natal, featuring mainly his motormouth children than his many wives, the show has, with all seriousness, a chance to enthrall legions of the Zuma family fans while giving them a window into the quackery going on in their minds.

Former president Jacob Zuma and his sprogs have enthralled many about their conspiracy tales of woe – earning them  sympathisers here and there. The conversation between Zuma and his son, Duduzane, sounded a bit staged, coming, as it does, a few weeks ahead of the former ANC leader’s trial on corruption and fraud charges. This was swiftly followed by daughter Duduzile, about whom the less said the better.

If anything, the entire spectacle must remind us that Msholozi has been avoiding his day in court for almost two decades and, now that his trial date is set, he must truly relish an opportunity to tell us the truth about the arms deal.

His last attempt at the truth before Deputy Chief Justice Ray Zondo at the State of Capture Enquiry ended prematurely, with the wiseman of Nkandla not recalling details of over half the questions he was asked. We hope that his memory does not fail him further, especially because the arms deal shenanigans predate the nine wasted years and state capture.



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