Siko twins reveal how marriage to the same man ended

Twin sisters Owami and Olwethu Siko have explained how their first marriage to the same man went terribly wrong.

The pair have a reality series called Twice As Bold that airs on Mzansi Magic every Thursday at 8pm. The reality TV series is about how they navigate their dating life, motherhood, being businesswomen, and their spiritual journey to become prophets.

Speaking to Sunday World on Thursday the Siko twins, who come from Voslorus on the east of Johannesburg, let us in on how their first marriage to Mzukizeni Mzazi, a TV director who promised them the world, ended.

They had just graduated with acting qualifications when they met Mzukizeni, who allegedly promised to help them with their acting careers.

“He promised to help us with our acting careers, and so we went to meet up with him. We told him that he had to marry both of us then we would have a deal,” they said in response to written questions.

The twins shared that they did not love Mzukizeni and never grew to love the man, sharing that it was a business transaction that went terribly wrong over a period of nine years.

“There was a lot that we found out when we got into that marriage, the man deceived us. We were young and vulnerable and knew nothing about dating. He had so many kids all over and we learned that he was also a married man.”

The sisters said the relationship was a nightmare as Mzukizeni would not only abuse them emotionally but he would also physically abuse them.

They shared: “We were stuck in the marriage but after an entire nine years, we decided to leave him. He got married to us traditionally only because nobody wanted to be the first or the second wife.”

In the reality show, the twins will reveal how they conduct themselves in the bedroom since they want to share a man or have shared one already. “Not to say we have given up on acting, but it brings back all the bad memories. That is why we do personal training because it keeps us busy and makes us happy.”

The twins have daughters from their first marriage and they want to work on their relationship with their biological mother, for the sake of their children.

“We were raised by our late grandmother and believed for a long time that our biological mother was our sister. Now we want to work on our relationship with our mother because our daughters are so confused by the situation.”

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