Shwashwi: Rubbing shoulders with celebs that actually matter

It is not every day that Shwa is in the same room as A-lister celebrities, the ones that really matter. The DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards nominees event was the perfect opportunity for yours in gossip to freshen up and show up among peers.

The awards ceremony will be hosted by the yummy and sexy Lawrence Maleka, and will be held on June 25 at the Sun Arena.

Shwa spotted a whole lot of celebrities but again when you’re a celeb it comes with different levels. Shwa had her eye mostly on the A-listers of the entertainment game.

Connie Ferguson rocked up with her first-born Lesedi Matsunyane. I must admit, with all the amazing assets Connie possesses, she just didn’t put much effort into her outfit. If I’m not mistaken it looked like one of her on-set outfits from The Queen.

Boom Shaka’s Thembi Seete was also spotted in a stunning lilac two-piece with black stockings – the girl seems to never age, and I wonder what your secret is because you always look stunning. Those braids you wear suit you so well, just happy they are not artificial because that lady loves putting on weave braids.

It was good to see one of Skeem Saam’s most talented actresses Shoki Mmola, who rocked up in a sexy white dress showing off her body. Shwa has not forgotten that stunt you pulled by rocking up at the petrol station in a bikini. We understand that you are not shy to show your body transformation mission and we see the results of your hard work.

Lasizwe really tries hard to appear humble. He was smiling as if there is no tomorrow. We know you have a new set of teeth, but you can rest now, otherwise, your jaw might drop with all the smiling you do to everyone and anything that you come across. Still on Lasizwe, he rocked up in a dress and walking like a duck in heels. No man! Stick to what you are used to and hide those skinny flamingo legs.

Shwa also spotted some cast members of The Wife, and I must say that South Africa is only starting now to recognise the talent Abdul Khoza has, and I must give it to him for being nominated as one of the favourite actors.

Zikhona Sodlaka, I’m not one to body shame or anything, but baby girl try and maintain that tummy. Yes, you had a child but it’s long overdue for you to hit the gym, but if you’re lazy go for liposuction like all the other celebs.

The Wife actor Sipho Ndlovu, who plays the role of Sambulo the stoner, showed everyone on the dance floor a few moves here and there. Shwa did not know that you are such a vibe, basically the life of the party. The spotlight was clearly on him on the dance floor.

We all know that Covid-19 affected the entertainment industry but are things so bad that Kwenzo Ngcobo must attend every event in town? He is fast becoming that village grandpa who attends every funeral in the hope of free lunch. Come on now Kwenzo, don’t be that guy.

Shwa is not saying don’t go out there and mingle as a rising star but hey, if you’re going to attend events and they have a dress code, respect it and don’t just come rocking in jeans, a T-shirt, and All-Stars. Shwa will let this one slide because it was smart casual and you had every right to be there because of your nomination in the category of rising star, but sometimes stay at home. You need to REST.

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