Somizi, catch Mandela Day spirit and start giving away your unused clothes to charity, deal?

Today marks International Nelson Mandela Day which is a day to give back to the community and those who are less fortunate.

Mandela Day is an occasion for all to act and inspire change. The 67 minutes campaign encourages everyone to take 67 minutes of their time on that day to do something for someone else or their community.

Shwa is this year calling on all the celebrities and wanna be celebs to use their 67 minutes wisely and stop showing off on social media and do something good genuinely. By the way you don’t have to post about it – do it from the bottom of your hearts – if you have any.

MaMkhize is a good example of how to give back to society, remember she built houses for those affected by the KZN floods? Shwa applauds you for that although some people had their two cents opinion. Is it possible to give back on Mandela day again it doesn’t have to be anything big but a little goes a long way?

Somizi Mhlongo for once please stop telling people how poor they are and start donating shoes and clothes that you no longer use. We all know you have a wardrobe full of clothes and things you hardly use please try and give back to orphanages or street kids. While you’re at that, you can burn your wedding outfit, nobody who hopes for love ever after would want it. Or maybe try out Lebo M, he is experienced is marriages collapsing sooner than they had started.

Bonang Matheba we all know you’re back in Mzansi, well we don’t really know but you are spending most of your time here when you supposedly relocated. Perhaps Queen B you can you start giving back to society and donate to charity – do it for Madiba girl.

Cassper has made a lot of money through his numerous investments. When is he giving back to society? Common Mufasa, help the less fortunate instead of bragging about your mansion and sports cars.

The great Mandela was known amongst other things, for his forgiving spirit. Shwa also calls on the following celebrities and personalities to use the 67 minutes to place a call to people they have wronged and wave the white flag.

Bujy Bikwa, it will not hurt you to call Boity Thulo and unconditionally apologize for throwing a glass at her. No man should ever do that and that gimmick of yours of participating in a 5km walk against gender-based violence doesn’t cut it.

AKA, if you still have Da L.E.S address, pay the man a visit and sort out whatever issues you might have.

God knows that even Mandela Day would not bring Somizi and Mohale to smoke the peace pipe. So, Shwa would not even bother with the two. Like most South Africans, Shwa will wait for the 5th of August to hear what Mohale has to say about his “abusive” ex.

Andile and Sithelo, history has no blank pages. The mud you’re throwing at each other will follow you for years to come. For the sake of your two beautiful kids, consider reconciliation, deal?

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