Whoo Shem on you, Somgaga

Shwa understands that for apologies to be accepted, they must come across as genuine. But for Somizi to look that tame, that beaten down, almost in tears while telling us he was just name-dropping Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula’s name? Whoooo Shem, Somgaga! Not for your name-dropping, but the pretense that came with the apology.

Also, Shwa isn’t very surprised at what broadcasters wear while on air because wow! These are special people.

But for Dineo Ranaka to wear a jumping castle, to quote social media tweeps, and then go live on Insta, is great disrespect even to name-droppers. Lord, please end this lockdown and take a hold of your children.

Shwa begs this of you. Our celebs are so bored, they have now resorted to wearing pillows. But Linda Mtoba does look ravishing. #hides


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