Her Story

Unwanted at pregnancy, cursed at development
Abandoned at birth, adopted at one
Loved from then, molested at five
Silenced with sweets, chocolate and fudge
Abused each day, raped each night
He called it love, that’s why he took me in
It went on until 12, I told at 13
They said that I lied, and I was told to zip it
My mother she just cried,
To her husband I was none
I regret ever telling, Mama says take one for the team mtanam
I got hated in higher grade,
and turned out at 14
The streets became my home,
Loneliness became my friend
A drug addict at 15,
A prostitute at 16
Sweet, sweet 16
An alcoholic to add to that,
and arrested for stealing
Beaten in jail,
exposed to the unthinkable
I feel no more pain,
it has grown in my blood
Released in two months,
back in two weeks
Pregnant at 18,
the father not known
Loved by none, hated by all
Enslaved by society, judged,
banished, buried by life
A child in this world, would pay for my sins
As they always say, like mother, like child
So I stand here today, on my highest low point
Ready to embrace my long-awaited departure
Hopefully the after world,
Has enough love for two!
Hopefully the after world,
Has enough love for two!!

Silent Night

Alone at night, she painfully stares as the clock strikes ten
Her stomach churns and twists knots of agony
and mayhem
A shadow emerges as the door slowly opens
Out of sight he whispers, “Daddy’s home,
Daddy’s home, little angel”
As others rush to dreamland, her nightmare slowly begins
She sits in a corner, quiet as a mouse
Curled up like a tennis ball ready to be bounced to safety
While rough hands scratch and pull her to stand
Her face turned, her eyes closed,
she avoids his unfeeling stare
Her face turned, her eyes closed,
she avoids his mocking, stained smile
His soul so cold, the devil is no match
She pulls, she cries, she fights, she screams… She fails
He slaps so hard she goes reeling across the floor like a wind-driven piece of paper
On the cold, hard, uninviting floor he spreads her, he undresses her tiny defenceless body
Like a painful, icy storm in winter he plunders through her already torn being
With every strike, with every blow,
she slowly gives up the fight
For she already knows, it is a losing battle
Her cries become tearless as she strongly
takes in the pain
For even though she’s been through hell,
she still won’t be broken
With a heavy heart she looks at her mama’s picture towering on the wall
With a broken soul she silently asks why?
“Why did you escape this mother of hell and leave me behind?Why did you take your innocent life
but spared mine?”
As he sighs in satisfied relief for a job well done
The last flicker of light fades, then goes out completely
Swallowing the very last flicker of hope!


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