Kuli Roberts bags role on The Queen

When it comes to the media industry, there isn’t anything that Kuli Roberts hasn’t excelled at. From journalist to presenter, a radio host as well as author – she has now joined The Queen as an actress.

She will take on the role of Mildred Sefatsa, a 41-year-old fashionista who preys on young men. But Sefatsa is also married to Bra Socks, A BEE fat cat who spoils her rotten.

“She basically is me. The character is not too far from the life I lived, except that I prefer my men older, my son is 22 years old now and  I can’t be preying on young boys, she joked.”

On how she scored the role: “ I worked with Connie on Strictly Come Dancing years ago. I basically harassed her. I have acted before on Inkaba, but as myself, so I am rather excited for this new adventure. I love a challenge,” said Roberts.

She starts shooting for the Mzanis Magic telenovela next week and will debut on screen in July.

“We pride ourselves with quality storylines and the most talented cast at The Queen. We are a team of hardworking creatives and we are thrilled to have Kuli in our midst. We look forward to her breathing life into Mildred Sefatsa, I know she will delight audiences and keep them entertained,” said Connie Ferguson. Her husband, Shona Ferguson, added that Roberts always pushes boundaries and he can’t wait to see her in this role.



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