Shwashwi: Dineo and the drama of living in two realities

Johannesburg – Is it a question of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing?

Or does the left hand not give a damn what the right hand is doing?

Or has Dineo Ranaka, I beg your pardon, Dineo Ranaka-Pesha, just ruined what was supposed to be the highlight of the new season of her family’s reality show The Ranakas by making public her nuptials?

This is a more plausible question.

Dineo debuted her double- barreled surname Ranaka- Pesha in the second episode of Mzansi Magic’s new drama Mzali Wami.


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 The Metro FM DJ – who is also the executive producer of the drama series about human trafficking, which airs on Mondays, has admitted that she is indeed hitched after posting a birthday message to her hubby, which Shwashwi understands she has since deleted and any evidence of her love life.

Dineo Ranaka-Pesha and Klaas Pesha

Oh, the drama of living in two realities!

It gets more confusing; the right hand – or is it the left – forgot to tell Dineo’s hubby Klaas Pesha to delete all traces of his relationship with Dineo.

Klaas has the couple’s photo as the header on his Twitter page.

Follow his social media trail and you are sure to find some wedding snaps as well.

I think after this plug by Shwashwi, Klaas – who, according to his bio is a mining engineer, father and entrepreneur – will get more followers than his current 663.

Clearly his picture with Dineo is not getting him any more followers.

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