‘Adulting’ actor Nhlanhla Kunene strives to stay true to his values

Showmax Original series Adulting actor Nhlanhla Kunene believes in soul ties, especially around intimacy.

Kunene said this during a previous interview on Podcast and Chill with Mac G in 2022.

In both seasons one and two of Adulting, there are plenty of sex scenes being flighted, and Kunene says he stays true to his values and spirituality by channeling his mind to his role.

Speaking recently on Showmax, Kunene said: “I believe that when you work with someone and you start seeing her as a girlfriend, it can be a problem.

“Your co-star may have a boyfriend or a husband, so before performing a scene or stepping onto set, you must channel your mind.

“Once you establish that, you’ll understand that whatever we’re doing is storytelling. It’s also important to be respectful, so you don’t end up compromising the story.”

Kunene plays the role of Eric and says he is shocked at the amount of love that his character has received.

“I was shocked when people started embracing Eric, even women found him appealing despite his rough and ghetto background. I didn’t expect it at all,” he said.

In a previous interview with Sunday World, Kunene shared that he spends most of his time researching the character and studying people like Eric.

Own up and be a man

“I’ve somewhat become their voice. Society has crippled us as men, making us believe that we can’t openly speak about how we feel because we constantly have to be strong.

“It’s been amazing because there are lots of people who come to me and say ‘what you’re portraying is exactly what I’m going through’.

“When I meet people, they share how they relate to the character. It’s an honour for me, and I really appreciate the fact that I’m able to heal a lot of people through this character.”

Portraying Eric has also taught him to set his sights on what he wants in life. Do it for yourself, do not send other people, own up and be a man, he said.

He described his father-daughter relationship with Ncumisa as a natural one, because Ncumisa reminds him of his sister’s child.

Work-parenting balance is beautiful

At the start of Adulting season two on Monday, Eric is released from prison and has set his mind on healing from the loss of his baby-mama and plotting the way forward.

He described season two as a journey, highlighting that Ncumisa is going through her teenage years and him contributing to it.

“Eric is entering an uncharted territory as a father. He finds himself unsure of how to navigate fatherhood while raising a teenage girl.

“It’s an intense emotional journey that places Eric in a situation where he truly needs to show up as a father.

“You can be a gangster and do all sorts of things, but then you go home and you are required to be a father.

“Having to find a balance between the two posed a challenge but it was beautiful.”

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