DJ Karri offers to transform homeless socialite Alostro’s life

Pretoria-born DJ and producer Karabo Mokgara, popularly known as DJ Karri, has pledged to change the life of social media sensation Alostro.

Alostro, whose real name is Mahau Loius, 33, made a name for himself by default, after a live television “flop”’. During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, government wanted to relocate homeless people in Tshwane. The move was for their protection, and Alostro was one of the homeless people.

Butchered the English language

During the move, journalists gathered around Alostro and a group of homeless people. They wanted to find out if they were happy with the shelters arranged for them.

As others were responding, Alostro chimed in, and hilariously “butchered” the English language. He said his famous line: “Others they gonna na, they are see others here, they have alostro. What is now?”

The clip went viral on social media, earning him the nickname Alostro.

Clip made him famous

Alostro said in later interviews that that moment was not embarrassing. In fact, it turned him into a current affairs commentary star. People love talking to him and he has made a lot of friends.

People from all parts of Tshwane townships make time to drive around Bloed Street Mall looking for “Alostro” to get his commentary. In December he even made a special appearance at a popular nightclub in Pretoria.

On Tuesday, DJ Karri surprised Alostro with a makeover. DJ Karri shared snaps and videos where he can be seen taking the homeless man shopping for new clothes. He took him for a haircut, and later bought him food to eat.

Special makeover for Alostro

“A lucky day for Alostro with a special treatment he deserves,” wrote DJ Karri.

DJ Karri further stated on his social media platforms that he and his team were looking for any of Alostro’s family members. He wants the family to permit them to take him to a rehabilitation center and sign the necessary documents.

He noted that he knows it will not be an easy journey but rather a process to transform Alostro’s life.

Alostro’s life to be transformed

On Wednesday, DJ Karri shared that Alostro had agreed to go to rehab. He would be leaving on Thursday to start his recovery process.

In a video shared, the two can be heard having a conversation and Alostro shares that he is tired of smoking and taking drugs. He added that he wants to take charge of his life for the better.

In December, a video went viral on social media where Alostro was seen making a surprise appearance at a popular night club, Propaganda, in Pretoria.

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