Actress out to meet kids as Santa Claus

Actress Mogau Motlhatswi, best known for her role as Mapitsi in the SABC1 drama Skeem Saam, is planning to bring smiles to the faces of
scores of children through her community development initiative. Motlhatswi, 27, from Zebediela, Limpopo said her initiative will be known as Sesi Lethabo and will benefit thousands of young citizens of Mzansi. In an interviewwith Sunday World this week, Motlhatswi spoke of her excitement about the new project, set to be launched in October. She said that Sesi Lethabo will be Mzansi’s own Santa Claus. The actress said she and other women will go around rural communities giving gifts and awards to the well-behaved kids. She said members of Sesi
Lethabo will visit schools and homes to give gifts to the young ones for the things they don’t normally get recognised for, such as good behaviour.

Motlhatswi said she had the Sesi Lethabo idea for two years and it was inspired by her siblings who were between the ages of six and 17.

She said every time she went home for the festive holidays, she would ask her mother how her siblings had been behaving and that would determine how big the gift would be. She said this motivated her siblings to behave well and work hard at school through out the year because they knew she would bring them big gifts. “So the idea was derived from there. Every year towards December my mother would tell my siblings to write a letter to Santa but, unfortunately, Santa is someone particularly us as black people can’t relate to. “So, I just wanted someone my siblings can relate to. I started with them. Every term of the year I go home just to give them gifts based on their behaviour.
“So this is my biggest priority now. Everything is taking a back seat and I am focusing on this project. “People normally get awarded for doing well in sports or academics but no-one is actually recognised for just being good people. So Sesi Lethabo will be awarding people who bring joy into the lives of others. So this project is all about fun,” she said.

Motlhatswi said she wanted to do something different than giving away school shoes and uniforms. Reflecting on her eight years at Skeem Saam, Motlhatswi said her acting skills have since improved and her confidence was at its peak. “Now I believe in myself more. I am more confident and no longer shy to ask for a day off if I want one.” The actress, who was also a motivational speaker, said she would love to grow her acting career and behind the scenes as a director. She said she also fell in love with theatre after she featured in her first play, called Jobe, which was directed by Josias Dos Moleele. “Being part of the play
has made me even more eager to become a director and a playwright.”

Asked about her love life, the likeable actress, who also appeared on SABC1 health drama Soul City season 12 in 2014,could only say she is in a new relationship. “We have been dating for a month. I can say I’m
happy. He’s an amazing guy; could make a great husband one day,” she said. Motlhatswi graduated with a degree in audiovisual communication from the University of Johannesburg in 2016 and said her future plans include studying film-related courses.

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