An unforgettable night inside the Big Brother house

In 2014, fresh out of high school, I recall watching the first ever Big Brother Mzansi. However, longed for the experience of the reality show by being inside the actual house.

Back then, I never knew I would become an entertainment journalist, which has opened so many doors for me in the industry. In 2023, an opportunity availed itself and I was one of the few that were invited to spend a night in the house. It was nerve wracking as I’m naturally introverted, I just happen to put out an extrovert personality because work forces me to.

So this year I got a second chance to do the overnight experience once more, however this time I was mentally prepared. Last year I never understood why we were blindfolded from Multichoice to Red Pepper Studios, but I guess this year they realised it was a waste of time.

This year the lucky group consisted of a few journalists, content creators, a former housemate, and actors. As we got to the production house we needed to hand over our cell phones and get mic’d up as the real contestants would do. This time we even got to choose a name we wanted Big Brother to call us instead of our usual Home Affairs names.

Tequila breaks the ice

Honestly speaking I could not care less that my phones were being taken away, cellphones and technology have honestly ruined the way that people socialise. Off we went to the house while we were blindfolded and the anxiety we all had while standing outside the house as blind as we were and trusting strangers we could not even see to guide us into the house.

As soon as we got inside the house which by the way is to die for, everyone seemingly went for the food. The constant waiting that we had to do caused rumbling sensations in our tummies. Of course, you know food and beverages bring people together and that was the case with the group. After a few rounds of tequila shots, we had an icebreaker where everyone introduced themselves and had to act out their favourite scene from any show on DStv that they relate to.

Thereafter everyone got along like a house on fire competing for prize money and I must say the games needed one to be on top of their game in terms of entertainment shows.

I was too slow I must say because what doesn’t Jabu MacDonald not know when it comes to television shows? That guy in my opinion should have been the one asking the questions.

The theme of the night was to not sleep and live up to this year’s theme “S’ya Mosha” and boy did they disrupt Biggie’s house. That house requires you to have self-discipline and people’s true colors will certainly come out to play. 

Can we have BB for media workers

If it is possible can we please consider having a Big Brother for people in the media space, I want to see something.

Inside the house were Juicy Jay, Sikelelwa Vuyeleni, Rosemary Zimu, Kuhle Adams, Nkanyiso Mchunu, Vuyo Biyela, Seemah Mangolwane, Zille Wizzy and Nozuko Ntshangase. 

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