‘Unstoppable Thabooty’ season two a celebration of success

Media personality Thando Thabethe’s reality show Unstoppable Thabooty is making a comeback this month for season two.

Season one, according to Thabethe, was all about planting seeds. She said this time around, viewers will witness the fruition of those seeds.

“Season two is all about ‘unstoppableness’, if that’s even a word. It’s about everyone achieving the goals they’ve set out,” said Thabethe.
Season two will get under way as Thabethe’s clothing manufacturing venture continues to grow by leaps and bounds, with her sister Sasa stepping into a more active role in Thabethe’s operations.

Thabethe will be hosting a stylish gala dinner to celebrate her Safta (South African Film and TV Awards) win for Best Actress in a Comedy, an accolade that holds a special significance because it highlights her true calling in acting.

Thabethe’s best friend Mantsoe Pout made her move back to radio with 947, and she shares her excitement about her newfound talent and success as the show’s host.

She also promises viewers an inside look at her journey of growth and self-discovery.

“I’m even shocking myself with how talented I am in this new gig [radio presenting]. It’s a true homecoming and I am seriously flourishing in my role,” said Mantsoe.

Journey of empowerment

Thabethe expressed her anticipation for viewers to witness the unstoppable spirit of season two. “This season is about realising our potential and achieving greatness,” she said.

“It’s a journey of empowerment, growth, and celebrating the victories – big and small.”
Monde Twala, senior vice-president and general manager Paramount Africa and lead BET International, said: Thabethe and the cast continue to embody the essence of excellence, and BET is honoured to be the platform showcasing their inspiring journeys.

“Season two is a testament to the resounding impact Unstoppable Thabooty has had on our audience, and we are thrilled to continue this remarkable storytelling.

“Viewers will be thrilled by her black beauty, black love, and black pride.

Unstoppable Thabooty season two promises to be a celebration of unstoppable endeavors, personal triumphs, and the unwavering pursuit of dreams.

“Join the cast as they embark on a journey of resilience, success, and the unyielding spirit of ‘unstoppableness’.”

Unstoppable Thabooty will be flighted at 7.30pm on January 20 on BET.

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