Hip-hop artist Slikour asks for court protection following Nota’s threats

Hip-hop artist Siyabonga “Slikour” Metane has obtained a protection order against tearaway artist manager Nota Baloyi after he threatened to kill him and his son and burn down his taxis.

He also allegedly threatened him and his family with cyber attacks and to unleash another hip-hop artist Shugasmakx to deal with him. He also threatened to make his and the actress’s kids lives a living hell.

The shocking titbits are contained in the final protection order Metane obtained against Baloyi at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on January 25.

Baloyi allegedly made these blood-curdling threats eight days after Metane had obtained an order in the Joburg High Court that prohibited him from making violent threats against the former Skwatta Kamp member and his family.

In the protection order, which was leaked to us by Baloyi’s ally Metane said he first came to know the social media troll in the late 2000 when he was rendering services to his businesses. He said in October last year, Baloyi phoned his cousin Edward Ramolotja and told him that he was going to kill him and his son.

Baloyi told Ramolotja that the rapper was putting his son’s life in danger because he had told award-winning hip hop artist Senzo “ Kwesta” Vilakazi to sue him. “He said he was going to burn my taxis and that he would go to my parents’ residence to torment them. I believe he was referring to the fact that, as mentioned above, I am a member of a Metane Transport, a corporation that operates a taxi service,” reads the order.

He said shortly after speaking to Ramolotja, he phoned Baloyi and enquired about his threats of violence. “He told me when he sees me ‘it’s on site’. He threatened to have a former business associate, Smax (whose real name is Lebogang Mothibe) ‘to deal with me’,” reads the order.

He said when he sent him a message to tell him that he had not spoken to Vilakazi, Baloyi responded by sending a voice note in which he spewed anti-semitic utterances against his lawyer David Feinberg, who was his attorney of record when he sued him. “You send your f#@king Jews to come convince niggas (sic) whatever you can do,” said Baloyi.

Baloyi then took to Twitter and posted that he would make Metane and Pearl Thusi’s kids lives at school a living hell. “I will come for your kids , arrest me dawg,” he said.

Metane said Baloyi’s gibberish came after he on two occasions successfully sued him in the Joburg High Court.

He said the lawsuit against Baloyi was settled after he issued a statement apologising to him. In terms of the settlement agreement, which was made an order of court, he said, Baloyi immediately undertook to refrain from uttering and publishing any further defamatory and harmful statement about him.

He said Baloyi has now wilfully breached the court order.

“I make this point to illustrate that the respondent is not dissuaded from acting unlawfully – not even by an order of the court. This is a serious cause for concern when considering the threats of harm he has now made against me and my children,” reads the order.

The court granted Metane an order that prohibits Baloyi from contacting him.

A warrant of arrest was issued for his arrest, but its execution was suspended subject to Baloyi’s compliance with the terms and conditions of the order, which expires on January 24, 2028.

Baloyi said he did not go to court to oppose the order because he undertook not to make further threats against him.

However, he said, there was nothing he could do to prevent the information that could be embarrassing to him and his family from reaching the public domain.

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