A year since Sumbody’s demise

It has been a year since the death of amapiano pioneer and co-founder of the establishment. So, the club decided to kill two birds with one stone by celebrating DJ Sumbody’s colourful life.

It is good to see DJ Sumbody’s sister, Chantel Sefoka, following in her brother’s footsteps. Keep up the good work, sister, work and do not ever change. But Kagiso Setsetse needs to tell Shwa why he did what he did – and why he suddenly gave up on the club and sold his shares.

Shwa must say the club culture in Cape Town is different to the one we know in Jozi. It is very chilled. You don’t see a lot of girlies trying to bag the next baller in the club! Shwa noticed how free and chilled the city is: no stress about being pick pocketed.

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