As a nation, South Africa’s stars might be overachieving

As a nation, South Africa’s stars might be overachieving

Shwa recently went to a Grammy nomination event at a swanky club in Sandton, and heard: “Mam, your name is not on the guest list.” Boy, was yours in gossip not annoyed? Who makes Shwa feel like a gatecrasher. She is used to VIP treatment, the gossip queen, and refuses to settle to being treated like an ordinary person.

Nevertheless, Moi persevered since a new year means a new me!

The evening was spent celebrating the Grammy nominations, which included Tyla, Just Six, and the always fashionable Musa Keys. Shwa believes that as a nation, we are overachieving – from winning the Rugby World Cup to receiving three Grammy nominations and Trevor Noah’s Emmy win. Despite our imperfections, we are a wonderful country.

Shwa wants to know if Musa Keys and Nicole are dating. I overheard you say, “I love you, Nicole,” and I decided to listen in.

Aside from breathing over everyone in that packed room, the celebration was lovely. The celebrities you love most made an appearance.

When Shwa first met Moonchild Sanelly, Shwa thought she was a cool girl with a lot of hair. Does she have Redbull for breakfast, given her energy levels in the evening?

Furthermore, who appointed Zakes Bantwini as the nation’s Grammy spokesperson? I mean, does the guy have to show up each time the Grammys are brought up? Shwa adores your neat guy style; please record a pre-game video with me for these crusty men.

Anele Mdoda was the MC for the gig; why was she late? As though it were her birthday, we had to wait for the Mdoda queen. For someone so exceptional, the performance was an absolute flop. Maybe you were hosting a brunch show and it was past your bedtime. However, I’m not grumbling because of how stylish she appeared. What exercise regimen do you follow? Mama, teach us your methods.

Dbn Gogo, would you mind sharing the cologne you wear? We could sense her presence as soon as she entered. Relationship aspirations are the rapper Priddy Ugly and dancer Bontle Modiselle. Moi’s eyes widened as she noticed how immediately at ease the two seemed to be.

Hip Hop DJ Don Design’s girlfriend Azola Mona held her man firmly; thus Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly approaching. It was held down for us singletons by Boity Thulo.

Babe arrived alone, said hello to everyone, and left the party alone. A focused hun!

We can hope that the nominees bring those awards home, we don’t want to be associated with the enthusiasm of losers – the winner’s circle only. I see Bafana Bafana is making an effort as well.

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