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Warras was hiding behind new flame all along…

Warrick Stock, better known as loud mouth DJ Warras, has been off the radar.

Kante he is canoodling with this “influencer” called Reo Brydges. Shwa is not sure whose prettier – the macho-looking Stock or the Barbie doll. Those expensive beauty treatments are paying off, Warras.

Say what…?

When the world of influencers come crushingdown, Shwa will have the last laugh. They just say the most random things like Mihlali Ndamase on
some insincere vibes. She claims she is not comfortable wearing revealing clothes in SA.

Bhwaaah! Say what? “I don’t know why, but when I travel I can wear the shortest shorts, even G-string swimsuits. I’m 10x more comfortable in another country than I am at home. Yikes,” she ranted on a now deleted tweet. Yet – all she does is reveal herself. Now we see why you dyed your hair blonde – you blaary blond!

Yet another huh in the local rap scene

Shwa finds it really hard to believe Boity Thulo is the first female rapper to reach platinum. Wuz dat? Thembi Seete’s confusing rap line on It’s About Time was better than both Thulo’s tracks. Yes, I said it!


Zolani too deep on the rooftop

Freshly Ground may be in the stone ages, but Zolani Mahola is trying to stay relevant by reviving her solo music career.

At the Johannesburg edition of her Rooftop Revelations in Rosebank, she was candid about her life and journey to her upper-class white fans. Thanks to the endless supply of bubbles, Ms Doo Be Doo is now on some Adele tip. Too deep for Shwa.


Not quite the isigubu of old …

The much-anticipated album, From Bongo with Love, was launched at the Universal Music headquarters this week, with Thandiswa, Stoan, Jah Seed and
Speedy showcasing their latest work.

One would expect local giants such as Bongo Maffin not to struggle to draw in a crowd with their isigubu (drums).

But, after over 15 years of not making music as a group, Shwa noticed a level of awkwardness on stage.
The sound and crowd really made the legendary musicians feel like fish out of water when they tried to introduce their 17-track album.

The only song that is ready for the festive season is Gimme Joy.

When someone talks about forever drip, Speedy takes the title. He is forever a superstar of this group. Pity his solo career never really took off, which is why he had to beg his band members to rekindle their magic.

Thandiswa and Stoan made this launch a family affair with their daughter jumping on stage to sing along to their music. Ncoo! And the usually stiff Stoan was on some amapiano tip. Uncle Bae…Cute yaz!

Jah Seed almighty is old yazi. Why not just leave the jahman alone in his corner to do the irie things of life?


Hot property for sure, handle with care, Boetie

Kaizer Motaung Junior seems to have found solace in the arms of actress Mbali Nkosi. Boetie, let this be for keeps and not just a Dezemba fling. Nkosi is hot property and clearly smitten.


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