Motsepe too busy to show face at Metro FM Music Awards announcement

Motsepe too busy to show face at Metro FM Music Awards announcement

Gossip girl is back to attending events and baby girl had the Metros in her calendar way before she was invited. I mean who wouldn’t want your favourite gossip girl at their event.

A road trip is exactly what Shwa needed because I jumped into 2024 just like that, what an opportunity to “reset”.

The evening at Kruger National Park had us sit for dinner and listen to the voice of Proverb. Hai, this dude annoys me with his fashion sense, or rather lack of it, or dololo.

Every time I see you, I want to ask, “who is your stylist or don’t you have one with all that money?

Please do something about it. But on the brighter side of things, everyone, including the head of the department of culture, sports and recreation, Godfrey Ntombela, agreed with a statement that Moi made the last time…. “Proverb is ageing well.”

Ntombela kept it simple with pants and a shirt … mara sunglasses at night, hayikhona. It was probably “very dark” in there for you, or your future is bright.

Mr Mpumalanga Sithembiso Mhlanga, it warms Moi’s heart to see a guy in a nice formal fit, nice and clean. Oh man, that smile, hook me up with your dentist, would you?

Lucia Simelane-Ochan – Mrs Curve Globe 2023, why did you wear such a long floral dress as if you were getting married? Yes, we wanted to see those curves that won you
glory in the US among 80 other countries … Please do not disappoint us in April, flex on us – I beg.

Oscar Mabunda, my fellow comedian from Mpumalanga, did I hear you crack a joke about the gym nton nton? I think you should hit the gym humpty-dumpty, we do not want you to have a great fall.

How nice of Patrice Motsepe to be the sponsor for the Metro FM Music Awards this year. I guess Motsepe was too busy to attend the announcement. We are counting on you to make this year better than last year, because what happened last year was a regrettable hot mess.

Nada Wotshela, always looking so elegant, care to share some tips? These young kids need to know how to get it right every time.

But mother! Lerato Kganyago –you could have put more effort in that outfit .

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