Senzo Meyiwa murder trial turning into pap blockbuster

Senzo Meyiwa murder trial turning into pap blockbuster

It seems like the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial is turning into a blockbuster and not in a good way!

It is almost a whole decade since the poor guy got shot and killed, and we’re still stuck in a legal limbo that’s making even the most patient fans lose their cool. And we know the arm of the law is long.

Turns out Meyiwa’s killing is allegedly a contractual hit, not your run-of-the-mill home invasion.

On Tuesday, the court adjourned for three hours to review crucial affidavits, which the defence and their clients are not entitled to.

It’s really upsetting for everyone, including the deceased’s family. It seems that, like last year, the case might drag. As a country, we want justice. Can it be served already?

Someone on X mentioned that South African lawyers successfully handled a significant case at the International Court of Justice but are struggling with a local murder case. Although these are distinct cases with different legal experts, Shwa resonates with the frustration. What is this?

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