Husband number three on the cards for Gogo Skhotheni

She thrives through controversy as her reality television show Gogo Skhotheni is always trending.

Patricia Motsoeneng known as Gogo Skhotheni said her show is about her embracing her life and journey as a young sangoma.

The 30-year-old mother of six children is proudly practicing polyandry as she recently introduced her second husband and said there are possibilities of her getting a third and fourth.

Skhotheni said her DMs are flooded by men who want to join her marriage.

In an interview with Sunday World, the Secunda born sangoma said the noise does not move her because she did not choose this path on her own.

“I was chosen by my ancestors at the age of 20, I did not believe in any of what I do today. I was a staunch Christian, so when I would dream of beads and rivers I would pray or report to my pastor until I realized that it was not demons, but I had a calling,” she said.

Skhotheni said her polyandry journey started with dreams and visions.

“So, I consulted my ancestors and they told me what they wanted, and I agreed. My husband did not understand at first, but we are getting there. I am ready for all the hate and backlash from Christians, they do not bother me at all. If anything, Christians are lost because the bible says if a person believes in something they must do it wholeheartedly. I am still a born again Christian, I just do not judge people,” Skhotheni added.

She told Sunday World that she will rotate between her husbands and they will not live under one roof.

“My journey as a traditional healer has not been an easy one and I have just given birth. To have your own group of initiates is emotionally taxing, because these people are different, from different backgrounds and some even make moves on my husband, but it is all worth it. I look at all my kids who graduated from my ndumba with so much pride,” said Skhotheni.

Skhotheni said people should expect more from her as a businesswoman as she will be focusing on her cosmetics brand that is made of herbs.


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