Lamiez Holworthy praises her mother for hard journey travelled

Paying homage to her mother whom she described as her strength, DJ Lamiez Holworthy proudly shared in an emotional post that social media is not what “made” her.

Lamiez mentioned that it was easy for the masses to assume that people have it “made” based on their social media pictures. “On social media, everything seems perfect and you would swear I have it all. You’d also swear that I got it easily,” she wrote on Facebook.

Lamiez, who is married rapper Khuli Chana, said for the first time in a long while she had the chance to rest, something that is not part of her daily routine. She works every day juggling many things.

The DJ spoke about her upbringing and how she has always had to work for what she has now. She said she had always wanted to study entertainment law, but unfortunately could not after she lost her father while in high school.

Her mother was also retrenched at the time and could not afford to pay for her to further her studies. Lamiez said her mother, who is now her manager, was the one who suggested that she tried spinning the discs.

She wrote: “… because she knew how much I loved music and could see how frustrated I was sitting at home. This was late in 2010 [after matriculating in 2009]. From taking me to gigs in a security van [that my dad worked for] when I just started deejaying, to my mom having to choose between paying the electricity bill or buying me a pair of headphones [she chose the latter].

“12 years later and my family’s sacrifices to sit in the dark a little longer so that I could pursue my love for music is what pushes me to work as hard as I do.
“So whilst it looks easy, none of this came overnight. It took me with the help of my mom who managed me from day one for 12 whole years to build. All that I am, all that I have, and all that I’ve built is because of this woman.”
She added that her strength also comes from being bullied for being darker than her siblings, being called nasty names by strangers, and even racist family members.
“My strength comes from working as hard as I did with nothing but a dream.”


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