Moozlie ventures into fashion

Rapper and TV presenter Moozlie has secured a partnership with Silva Lux Footwear brand.

The self-claimed fashionista said she has always wanted to be in fashion and the partnership served as a breakthrough into the space.

Real name, Nomuzi Mabena is now a recognised brand ambassador for the one-year-old fashion brand by-women-for-women, which has continued to design and sell fashion inspired footwear.

“For me, it’s literally about taking that next big step in building my business and my legacy, something I’ve been preaching from the very beginning. With this, I can literaly have all the fly queens who follow me walk in my shoes. It’s really beautiful thing and I feel so blessed,” said Moozlie.

In the first week of being announced the brand ambassador, the former MTV Base presenter has already made changes by handpicking the S&M Edition.

The collection is made up of 10 styles ranging from sandals to boots.

The brand has a signature of animal prints and comfortable shoe ranges that can fit into different attires – be it work clothing or casual wear.

Silva Lux Footwear founder Bianca da Silva said she appreciated working with a woman who continued to show off her fashion sense over the years.

“When I first met Moozlie I was drawn and bubbly personality and the sophistication and style in which she carried herself.

“She just exudes confidence, I thought she is definitely someone who embodies all things powerful and feminine and someone I would love to collaborate with. I just knew the world needed a taste of style and fashion direction,” said Da Silva.

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