Prophetesses in unholy verbal tiff over televangelist

Internationally acclaimed preacher Nam Sihoyiya was forced to cancel her appearance on a television show this week following a fight with fellow preacher and friend, Prophetess Thuli Nkosazana Shenxane.

The unholy verbal exchange  took place on Wednesday after Prophetess Sihoyiya filmed a television show, Talking Dominion, which is hosted by popular televangelist Enock Phiri who is Shenxane’s ex-boyfriend.

Following the filming of the show, Sihoyiya allegedly received a phone call from Shenxane accusing her of being a traitor, calling her “Judas Iscariot” and accusing her of fraternising with her enemy.

After giving her a piece of  her mind, Sihoyiya folded and called Phiri, asking him to delete their show’s footage, and not air her episode.

It is understood Shenxane also called Sihoyiya “a loose woman” and said she wanted to have a go at her ex-boyfriend.

“Thuli was so angry and felt that Nam was picking Phiri’s side since they broke up last year. He called anyone who wanted to listen and told them that Nam wants her ex and that “she was acting like a loose woman and not a friend to her,” a source said.

Shenxane and Phiri had a public brea-kup last week after dating  for less than a year. The pair broke up after Phiri discovered that Shenxane was previously married and had not disclosed this to him.

Sihoyiya told Sunday World that she had been friends with Shenxane for over six years and did not believe in having a public dispute with her.

“Besides the issues that we had, I would not like to comment because I love her still. So, for what it is worth, I would rather keep quiet. Her opinions are valid, and I did apologise to her for how she feels. I really apologise from the friendship’s point of view. I was just there for work. I was just passionate about the topic the pastor had called me to talk about. I had no intentions to hurt her at all.”

She denied she had any romantic interests in Phiri and said she did not believe that her friend could accuse her of being a traitor.

“I was shocked about how she reacted, but I spoke to her because I don’t like drama. She knows that I wouldn’t hurt her. She is my friend. So, I went to her to apologise and even asked pastor Phiri to not air the episode because I did not know that she would be hurt. So, I apologised to her,” she said.

Sihoyiya said she met with Shenxane on Thursday to iron out their differences.

“She was upset because the person who was interviewing me is pastor Phiri. She said she didn’t have a problem with the interview. Her only issue is that it is pastor Phiri because her and pastor Phiri still have unresolved issues. So, on my part I didn’t take their war seriously at that point,” she said.

When contacted for comment, Phiri said he was unable to speak about the two women.

Responding to the alleged altercation, Shenxane said “Nam and I had an argument as all friends do but we are okay now”.

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