‘RHOD’ two-part reunion ends in tears and apologies

The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) two-part reunion, which aired on Friday morning on Shwomax, ended in tears and apologies.

The reunion was hosted by Comics Choice Awards nominee Donovan Goliath, who made sure to touch on a variety of emotional issues.

Goliath introduced Nonku’s mom Queen and addressed what happened at the ladies’ dinner themed Spring has sprung, which Nonku hosted. After watching the clip and realising what Annie and Londie thought they heard Nonku’s mother say, both Annie and Londie apologised for what they thought she had said.

Both the housewives came bearing gifts to apologise to Nonku’s mother for the misunderstanding that happened at the dinner.

Goliath then addressed another elephant in the room, the relationship between Mabusi and Thobile. Thobile stated that she thought Mabusi inherits other people’s beef, which is why she was mean towards her.

Nonku’s drinking problem also came under the spotlight, and as she spoke about why she resorted to drinking, she broke down in tears, leading to Londie sharing why she was so touched about Nonku’s problem and how she has made peace with her sister’s passing.

“I thought I was around a group of ladies whom I considered my friends, so me drinking and being myself, I thought they were a safe space and I was being me. I did not like the way they addressed the issue, by talking behind my back,” said Nonku.

Laconco, as usual, was interrogated about why she had lied so much about her life, and if she came with a strategy since season one of the reality TV show, where she was still wearing her engagement ring.

In her defense once again, Laconco said she has boundaries, the same way as other people, and can only share so much about her life.

Mabusi and Jojo also talked about an incident that happened in the last episode where Jojo threw water on Mabusi. Jojo broke down in tears and said she takes the full responsibility for what she had done, and was deeply sorry for the incident.

Going forward, Jojo promised to do better.

This is how social media reacted to the reunion:

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