Sebenza Women Awards are a sham – Ncumisa Ndelu

Former Gagasi FM news editor Ncumisa Ndelu has decided to give her Sebenza Women Awards gong back to the organisation.

Ndelu released a statement stating that the awards are a sham.

In the statement, Ndelu claims that it is a relief because she does not believe she was worth receiving an award at the time.

“It has weighed heavily on my conscience because the woman who deserved it as per criteria, Thembisa V Luthuli, was sitting right next to me,” Ndelu said.

“I grudgingly accepted the award because I did not nominate myself, however, I felt strongly even on the night that too many things happened that night that degraded rather than honoured women.”

She shared that she faced a crisis of conscience but at the same time had to show respect and gratitude to women who recognised her work.

Following the Sebenza Women Awards founder, Kininonke “Kini” Shandu’s comment directed to women who conceive children before marriage saga, Ndelu said this has given her the courage to do what she wanted to do on the night of the awards.

Shandu has been “cancelled” for seven days and will not be taking part in the Sebenza Women Awards 2024 after he posted his disparaging comments on social media. 
Women admonished decision

Said Ndelu: “I raised my first born alone. Her father fled before she was born and akahlawulanga [he did not pay any damages], but I wouldn’t change a single thing.

“My daughter is one of my proudest achievements in this life and I have done a good job raising her with the assistance of my mother who raised me by herself, because my dad fled before I was born, naye engahlawulanga [my dad too failed to pay damages].

“When I expressed my wish for the award to be handed over by a woman, it was women who admonished me.

“I heard the murmurs in the room and saw the comments on social media. I was gutted. It hurt me to see some women expecting me to take such foolishness with a smile and grace.”

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