Simphiwe Dana looks back at 20 years of successful musical journey

It has been almost 20 years since Simphiwe Dana mesmerised her fans with her debut album Zandisile.

The multi-award winning singer and songwriter will be taking fans down memory lane when she performs some of her hit songs at the South African State Theatre on May 27 and 28. Dana will also give a repertoire of her upcoming offering Isipaji sika Simphiwe Dana.

She said this is an opportunity for her to explore the different textures of her work to date, sharing that she had been consistent for 18 years, which calls for a celebration of a successful journey.

“The creation of Isipaji sika Simphiwe Dana comes at the tail-end of a whole tumultuous era in my life, but it’s still a nice thing to point at as something to celebrate. Fulfillment is not the right word, but it’s the best word I can think of right now. I feel this really grounded sense of accomplishment,” she said.

Dana has been credited for creating some thought-provoking songs. She has also been referred to as a messenger for love, hope, compassionate humanitarianism, and socio-political awareness.

She said she has always known that she was different and offered something different in the music industry. “I thought I was telling people, ‘make way, something different is coming,’ but in hindsight I was telling all of our stories about what it means to affirm yourself because the world will always tell you that you’re supposed to be something different.”

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