Slippery King Monada frustrates sheriff’s effort to serve summons

The family of controversial pop artist King Monada has, at his behest, blocked the sheriff of the court from delivering the summons at the artist’s posh house in Tzaneen.

The startling tidbits were revealed by the lawyer of Limpopo Legends Awards (Lilas), who are suing King Monada for failing to pitch up at their show after paying him R35 000 in an appearance fee.

Relating the matter to Sunday World, Lilas lawyer, Harry Thobejane, of Thobejane Incorporate, said they obtained a summons at Ritavi magistrate’s court in Nkowankowa township after the Malwede hitmaker refused to refund them.

 This was after failing to show up at their music awards last year. Thobejane said the sheriff went to the singer’s house three times to deliver the summons but failed to do so because he could not find anyone at King Monada’s multi-million castle.

He said the sheriff returned about a week ago and stood a few metres away from the multi-award winning muso’s double-story house. As they were waiting, he said, a woman arrived, and the sheriff tried to give her the summons to receive and sign on King Monada’s behalf. The woman, believed to be one of King Monada’s two wives, sedately sauntered into the yard and closed the gate behind her, saying Limpopo’s most sought after male artist had instructed them not to accept any documents from anyone who came to their villa.

Thobejane said the sheriff rang up King Monada, who, probably because he was not familiar with their cellphone number, answered the call. But as soon as he realised that it was the sheriff, he cut the call off.

“The sheriff left without delivering the summons and has indicated in the return of services what had actually transpired when he was there. Now we have instructed the sheriff to return there and affix the summons on the gate and state that in his return of service, it is clear that King Monada thinks he is above the law,” he said.

Thobejane said once the sheriff has attached the summons to King Monada’s gate, he will have to respond within 10 business days. If he fails, he would leave them with no option but to go to court and inform the magistrate he had cocked a snook at the summons. “We will ask the court to grant us a default judgment and attachment order to attach his movable assets and use the proceeds of sale to pay our client his money,” he said.

The Oskabhora Moreki hitmaker found himself on the wrong side of the law when the annual event organiser and founder, Mphoza Mashabela, unleashed lawyers on him for failing to show up to honour music legends Caiphus Semenya, Letta Mbulu, Penny Penny and Sello Galane, among others. Mashabela wanted King Monada to pay him back the R35 000 appearance fee. He also wanted him to pay Lilas’ legal costs and the reputational damage the organisation suffered as a result of his failure to show up at the jamboree. But the stubborn artist refused.

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