A new wave of careers through the digital landscape

South African youth have found a new wave of careers through the digital landscape, previously unimagined.

Entertainment platform TikTok has been a landmark on the digital landscape for aspiring South African content creators turning their creative skills and talents into viable career opportunities.

Saul Moross, content & media partnerships lead for TikTok in Africa, said: “The youth in South Africa have an innate determination to want to move forward and bring about change in many different areas of society.

“As a global platform, we are always looking for initiatives to empower this determination and help content creators to capitalise on the burgeoning digital economy by optimising their talents and creativity. We look forward to seeing the next generation of digitally savvy youth take over the business world.”

One such influencer is 26-year-old Mpho Mudau, who holds a BA in Geography and Archaeology. Mudau has attracted the attention of numerous brands through her sensational videos on TikTok.

Mudau, who has over a million followers, told Sunday World that her large following made it easy for these brands to take note of her. “Brands that I have always wanted to work with approached me, and I always think that my personality also helped and how confident I am when sharing my content,” said Mudau.

Besides being a TikToker, Mudau also works as a geospatial technician.

The TikToker, who goes by Mpho Pink on the platform, said her plan was to grow bigger and be influential on the platform. “If possible even open a group where I can groom young children on how to be a possible influencer in their areas.

“Tiktok has changed my career in a way that I am now able to achieve these dreams, of being on TV ads, being featured in magazines and all. I do not have to go the extra mile to be recognised, brands approach me because of the number of followers I have,” she added.

She said if she was not a TikToker, she would be in the entertainment industry, modelling to be specific. “I always wanted to be a model. I always wanted to be on TV ads, magazine covers, and fashion ads.”

She advised upcoming content creators to be patient with themselves and to never compete with anyone on the app. “The only person you should compete with is yourself, to make yourself better. And lastly, you need to be consistent and stick to what you do. One day your light will shine.”

Others who are successfully using the platform to gain popularity and an income are Kayla Kim, Chad Jones, Khanyisa Jaceni, Witney 8, and Noel Deyzel.

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