Digital creator summit to help empower African content creators

The first African Digital Creator Summit (ADCS) will take place in Johannesburg in September.

Set to be a premium event for the continent’s digital creator ecosystem, the one-day summit aims to be an educational platform to equip and empower content creators and marketers in building a thriving creator economy.

Those attending can look forward to engaging with experts from TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter.

Oviedo Media managing director Naledi Mosieane said: “Through a series of curated content, the summit will present the landscape and size of the creator economy, as well as identify current and future opportunities and how to access them.”

The summit will help those who would like to break into the sector and those who are already active, directing them on how to level up to create sustainable careers and businesses.

Those in marketing will have an opportunity to delve deeper into developing meaningful relationships with creators. For those who are still trying to get into marketing, it will be a chance to not only showcase their solutions but also to identify the gaps in them.

Being a creator in Africa has its challenges and with the global economy booming, African creators are the ones who make up a sizable portion of it. However, being a content creator on the continent is hard, there are challenges such as payment platform issues, and a lack of tailored financial products are just some of the challenges facing creators.

“While the creator economy is a global phenomenon, as far as we’re concerned, it’s the African continent that stands to profit from it the most. But in order for that to happen, we need to openly have critical conversations about this ecosystem.

“Our hope in launching the ADCS is that it’ll be a platform to engage with the next generation of entrepreneurs and the platforms, brands, and start-ups enabling them, so we can collectively create the solutions the African creator economy needs to grow exponentially,” Mosieane concluded.

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