Elegance is the name of the game

Luxury. Elegance. Couture. This describes Lindy M Boutique, an outfit run by Lindelwa Mkhonta.

The 28-year-old businesswoman from Manzini in Eswatini says she has been passionate about how to dress to make an elegant statement since she was young.

Mkhonta studied fashion design at Lisof School of Fashion, which is now called Stadio, and this is where she started her own label, Trophy Wife, in 2019.

“My inspiration to wear clothes with a sense of elegance was inspired by my aunt, Glenda, who used to look stunning in her outfits. She has been on top of her game through her sense of clothes and this made me come up with my first label, Trophy Wife.

“I started my label while I was still doing my fashion design course at Lisof. While studying I decided to create a platform for myself.

“It must be noted that I brought my own sense of outfits to compliment women of style through an elegant look,” said Mkhonta.

Lindelwa Mkhonta(28) who hails from Manzini runs Lindy M Boutique and also models her own creations.

She also stated that her vision grew bigger when she realised that she needed to bring a personal touch to her brand, which led her to change the name of her designer wear to Lindy M Boutique.

“After identifying myself as one of the elegant women through my style of clothing, I changed the name of my label to allow it to resonate with my identity and personality.

“I dress women who are successful with a sense of belonging and positive attitude. I also came to the point of giving women a great sense of belonging after seeing how great Korean women dress, as they believe that beauty comes with great outfits,” she said.

“My style is based of perfection and is also inspired by women who are go-getters in the corporate and business world.

“I believe in bringing a unique look to the women and for me to design these outfits is all about creating good vibes for women to walk with pride and confidence wherever they go.

“Women should always look great and stamp their signature through faith and greatness,” said Mkhonta.

Mkhonta is also an inspiration to youngsters as her business gives youngsters in the fashion industry an opportunity to grow and spread their wings through the mentorship programme she runs.

Lindy M Boutique is sold through online services across the world.

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