Dj Euphonik’s pearls of wisdom to entertainers amid coronavirus outbreak

International house DJ and property entrepreneur DJ Euphonik has made his opinion public on what various artists and musicians should do during the coronavirus outbreak.

Euphonik, whose real name is Themba Nkosi, suggested that the musicians, deejays and artists should go to their banks and request for an arrangement.

Many artists work independently and depend solely on gigs for income.

“What I would suggest that you guys do is that you take the onus upon yourself and speak to your bankers and your financial institutions and everyone and anyone that you owe money to and make arrangements now,” said Euphonik.


He explained how no one really knows how long this outbreak is going to last but advised artist and entertainers to embark on quick action.

“Tell them that listen I am in the industry of selling time which is essentially what we do. So because of my industry all my shows, gigs have been cancelled. They all know what is going on. Rather go to them and speak to them upfront and make arrangements for them to give you a payment holiday. Make sure that you ask them that the payment holiday is penalty free, cost free and that it lasts for three to six months,” he said.

“Remember that if one of us defaults it’s our problem, but if a lot of us default it’s the bank’s problem. Rather make arrangements with your banks so that it doesn’t affect your credit score and credit ratings after this whole corona thing has ended,” he explained.

A number of artist such as DJ Maphorisa, Labantwana Ama-uber hitmakers Simi Tee and Miano have expressed how the coronavirus has affected them.

“Most of my gigs got cancelled. It’s just a huge disaster,” said DJ Maphorisa on his social media.

Last year, Sunday World reported that the popular DJ’s record label had been hit with an almost R10-million tax bill by SARS


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