Khosi skipper’s fashion parade

He is not bothered by naysayers

Kaizer Chiefs captain Willard Katsande has captured the hearts of many with his unique sense of fashion that he displays on social media.

Although it has raised eyebrows for its collage sense, which is combining formal and sport wear and adding a sense of a feminine touch, Katsande told Sunday World that whatever people had to say about his dress code did not affect him, as it draws him closer to his late parents.

He was questioned about his look when he was caught on camera wearing track pants with a formal blazer, sealing o the look with a head scarf.

“It’s something I create in my head and think that I must just give a certain look a try because I am a guy who is very confident about whatever I want to do,” said the Amakhosi skipper.

“I don’t mind how the next person feels unless it is offending people. I am also inspired by Congolese musicians because they are not scared to experiment and try new colours.”

The footballer said flags also play a role in his colour blocking, as he understands that different colours have different meanings in flags, and that there is a reason for all of them being painted on a blank canvas.

He added that his fashion spirit was also fuelled by his position as the captain at Kaizer Chiefs, and he always wants to look presentable but unique in the eyes of fans. He also wants to grab the fans’ attention.

“I like the comments I get. Even my son says I look very cool. The only person who always complains about this thing is my wife.”

He said a head scarf is traditionally for women, which is the reason many people keep on mocking him, but he said he believes fashion can be overturned anytime. “I am very good when it comes to fashion, to look presentable. I know what I want and I know how I want to mix up my clothing. Many people try to do that, like me, and it really looks fun, like abo-popeye [a cartoon character],” he said.

However, Katsande said his confidence should not be confused with arrogance only because he would not give an eye to the naysayers.


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