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Johannesburg- Cookpad has taken a ‘community first’ approach to growing its South African community.

They aim to build a diverse community that represents their rainbow nation and is growing steadily.

Speaking to Sunday World Community manager of Cookpad South Africa, Nokukhanya Zondi shared some information on how Cookpad is taking the community-first approach, to grow the Cookpad South Africa community.

“The choices we make shape our world. And when we cook, the choices we make impact ourselves, the people we cook for, the growers and producers we buy from, and the environment at large. We want to build a diverse community of home cooks, which represents our Rainbow Nation, and we are growing steadily,” she said.

To date, Cookpad has over 40,000 users throughout South Africa and over 6,000 recipes. Their recipes are from local cooks making everything from dombolo, creamy samp dishes, Rama biscuit ‘secret recipes’, potjie’s all the way to some amazing Italian, greek and french meals.

Cookpad is a recipe-sharing app and global community of home cooks.

It’s a place to find daily recipe inspiration and connect with others through cooking. the recipe sharing app is found in more than 70 countries and 30 languages.

Thousands of people come to Cookpad every day to meet and learn from fellow home cooks, not professionals and inject variety and fun into their daily cooking routines.

“It’s a vibrant and welcoming community where members help and empower each other by sharing their experiences of creating unique dishes in their kitchens, recreating others’ recipes, and reacting, commenting, and sending photos (known as Cooksnaps) of their efforts.”

“Expect to discover a huge variety of recipes, tips, and ideas which have been created, tried, and tested by home cooks from around the world. Everyone can contribute and therefore every recipe is different, with as many regional and cultural variations and unique family favorites as there are members of the community.”

Cookpad’s mission is to make everyday cooking fun because they believe that cooking is the key to a happier and healthier life for people, communities, and the planet.

“The choices we make shape our world. And when we cook, the choices we make have an impact on ourselves, the people we cook for, the growers and producers we buy from and the wider environment.”

“By building a platform that solves issues related to everyday cooking and makes everyday cooking fun, people tend to cook more often and they are able to help build a better world.”

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