Just good old RnB Rowlene and she wants it that way

Singer aims to stay true to her roots.

Rowlene Bosman, the first artist signed under Nasty C’s Tall Racks Records, is confident that she can breathe new life into R&B in SA.

The 22-year-old artist, who was born in Cape Town, became a sensation after she featured on Nasty C’s SMA track earlier this year.

But many thought she would follow the hip-hop route.

But having released her soul-baring single, Curtain Call, earlier this month, Bosman said her music was about embracing her Elsies River roots.

The song is about her past experiences and how she embraced freedom. She said the album, which will drop in January, will be on the same “introspective” vibe.

“I like how R&B stands for who I am; it’s the genre where my sound originated from. My roots, where I come from, have predominately taken over my sound. I’m not planning on doing anything differently. I already am. I’m me. People have already bought and are slowly still buying into Rowlene and I would like to sustain that,” she said.

As an artist’s music is about feeling, she was the first local singer to experience and demonstrate ASMR technology to the country through Flying Fish last week.

ASMR means Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and the brand made audiences listen, via headphones, to the sounds of Rowlene biting through an apple, juicing an orange, biting through ice and sipping on the beverage.

She said being chosen to demonstrate the technology came as a surprise to her. “I was like ‘why would they pick the most awkward human out there to perform something so intricate and maybe a little sexy?’

“But then I really thought about it and I embraced that I’m a creative, after all, and my music is all about expression through sound and what the sounds make people feel.”

Her journey started five years ago when she dropped tracks on SoundCloud. But not convinced her music would take off, she decided to study dentistry after matric. “I’m not qualified but I would never want to be a dentist now,” she said.

By Somaya Stockenstroom

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