Self-love in pride month

Activists are screaming for diversity

June is dedicated to global pride month, which celebrates and remembers the impact that the LGBTQI+ community has made to create a free and safe environment for all within the community.

Former Gagasi Fm radio presenter and make-up artist Diva Cadach and transgender activist and publicist Yaya Mavundla say this month should highlight diversity and inclusivity. Diva Cadach said the month should not only focus on awareness for people outside of the community.

“I honestly feel focus should be more on awareness and educating about our diversity, not just heterosexuals, but us also within the community. Our community is so diverse and we still have people within the community who don’t fully understand our diversity. I always say we’re all the same yet so different,” said Diva Cadach.

Diva Cadach, whose real name is Lwazi Blose, has worked with well-known personalities such as Somizi Mhlongo, Brenda Mtambo and Rami Chuene.

“I’m fortunate enough to have worked in so many different industries. I started in hospitality. I’ve also worked for an airline … and that’s where I really felt the most discrimination being the flamboyant gay guy I am.

“There were just so much regarding the appearance, me being too feminine and not behaving a certain way. I’ve always been bold and unapologetic about the person that I am, and believe acceptance comes from within. That’s why I’ve always been fearless and fierce ngobumina [about myself].”

Picture: Supplied/ Zanele Muholi

Mavundla explains that navigating through her industry has meant creating her own opportunities.

“For me to survive I have had to create my own opportunities that will serve me, and also to say I need to have a voice regardless of countless times when my voice has been told it does not belong,” said Mavundla.

“Pride month exists because of what the community constantly goes through at home, work, health care services, police stations [and] Home Affairs … not getting services that are deserving.

“The government is not taking charge even though we have to pay tax every month,” she added.

In an effort to shine light on the LGBTIQ community, Showmax has also released a few films and series to celebrate the diversity of the community worldwide.

“Showmax has compiled a Pride Month watchlist anyone can enjoy, regardless of their sexual identity,” said Showmax’s publicist Kevin Kriedemann.

“This year alone, Somizi & Mohale: The Union broke records on Showmax. The Elton John biopic Rocketman won an Oscar and a Golden Globe; and, earlier this month, Gentleman Jack was nominated as Best Drama and Euphoria as Best International Series at the BAFTAs – the biggest TV awards in Britain,” Kriedemann said.


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