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Johannesburg – Award-winning comedian Marc Lottering once blocked my view with his big hair, making me miss Strictly Come Dancing years ago.

Popular internationally since the late ‘90s for his first show After the Beep in 1997, this youthful comedic genius gave me a few hours in between his hectic schedule, exposing his more serious side and how to get over these tough times.

What’s your name, full name, is it really Marc, as that sounds made up?

It’s really Marc Lottering and I know you like it.

We find ourselves in tense and violent times with the looting, deaths and unnecessary job losses, what’s your advice to the government?

Make all South Africans feel safe again. When you break the law, you go to jail, regardless of who you are.

It would be nice to see that again. What does South Africa need right now?

A personal assistant that can carry my president’s iPad. Is it hard to be funny when things are so tense? It’s weird. On the one hand, I’m sad that the country’s in a complete mess. On the other hand, you have to admit that there’s no shortage of new material.

Marc Lottering.

Who makes you laugh?

Any comedian in a line-up show who goes on stage before me and bombs; that always makes me look amazing.

What is the role of comedy during a crisis like this?

We will all go insane if we don’t take a break from the serious news for at least one hour every day. Whether it’s comedy or sex. Or both. Take a break. It’s important for your mental health.

Where can we see you perform?

I have a brand new show coming in August. All details on www.marclottering.com. Please check out my site for all my old shows too.

Who is your favourite woman since we are going into Women’s Month?

Every single mother in this country who hustles hard to keep the family going.

Have you been vaccinated for Covid-19?

I had my first jab already. I’m an old man (he’s over 50, 53 to be exact).

You must admit that your hair is not subtle and must need a lot of products, what’s your favourite hair product?

Leave-in conditioner, been using it forever.

You are always in costume for some of your shows, do you have a favourite designer?

I mostly end up dressing myself. I make designer clothing look like crap.

As an award-winning comedian and celebrity, what’s the worst question you’ve been asked during an interview?

In which circus are you the clown? True story, a young journo asked me that. I spat out my whiskey when I realised he was not joking.

Who is the dearest person to you and where would you take them on holiday locally?

I obviously have to say my partner Anwar Anwar [McKay] because he’s going to read this. He’s been carrying on about the Drakensberg for years because he’s never been there. So, for the sake of marital peace, I’ll probably take him there. I’ve been there for work previously, so maybe I will enjoy it too if I’m not working, but there are only times I can say wow when looking at mountains and hills.

We have many colourful politicians in South Africa, who is your worst politician and how would you confront them?

Are you nuts? I’m not answering this. You’ll never know where the next gig is going to come from.

Many people have been looting all sorts of household items. Would you loot? 

Hell no! My car is too small for that TV.

When must the ongoing violence end?

Right now. A strong public show of law and order. We need to see the people in uniform all over the place. After that, jobs and housing, as promised year after year.

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