Things to do with your family indoors

Johannesburg- Covid-19 has taught us how to survive being indoors with our loved ones.

You can have a great time with your family while indoors, there is so much more you can do, your kids included.

These are the activities that will keep everyone happy (mom and dad included).

Puzzles Building puzzles are super fun as a family activity, but it also has many cognitive benefits for the little ones, such as:

• Attention to detail.
• Improves memory.
• Increases IQ.
• Improve problem-solving abilities.
• Better collaboration and teamwork.

Prepare meals as a family

Having to make meals for the whole family does not have to feel like an extra chore. Involve the kids in the kitchen and make them help you with creating delicious dishes.

Not only does this promote them helping around the house and making your job easier, but it also promotes a fun family bonding experience.

Here are a few fun dishes you can make with the whole family:
• Make your own pizza.
• Create your own tacos.
• Make your own pancake stack.
• Build your own burger.
Make your own French toast

Home day spa

The children would love a spa experience at home, so planning one as a family is going to be exciting. Get them bathrobes, some massage oils, a few white towels and a classical playlist.

Chances are the kids will pass out on the bed after they have been pampered and give you the chance for some alone time.

Create fun science experiments Keep the kids entertained and also educated.

The internet is filled with easy and super fun child-friendly science experiments that make use of ingredients and products that should be available in your kitchen cupboards or on your garage shelves.

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