Virgin Active launches book to keep kids healthy and active

Virgin Active has come to the rescue of busy parents by launching a book to keep the children healthy.

Together with its network of experts, Virgin Active has released a first ever, free to download eBook that gives parents and caregivers 15 concise chapters with key things they need to know to assist their kids in exercise, fitness, health, wellbeing, and overall development.

The book, titled Kids are here to move: A holistic development & wellness guide for busy families, was developed in collaboration with nine experts including doctors, nutritionists, and kinderkineticists within the group’s stable across the fields of health, fitness and wellbeing.

It contains 15 chapters complete with research-based insights for kids aged 18 months to 13 years that can be easily read in 15 minutes so that busy parents know exactly what to do to keep their kids happily active.

South African children are less physically active, more sedentary, spend more time in front of screens and eat fewer nutritious meals with potential long-term negative health effects.

The free 90+ page eBook does not only aim to educate parents about the developmental benefits of cultivating an active lifestyle for children from a young age, it also provides exercise and activity guides, nutritional information and quick hacks for healthy eating, meditation and relaxation tips. This in an attempt to empower them to begin a fun and sustainable health and wellness journey with their families.

“An active kid is a happy kid, whether they move, jump, bounce, laugh, or learn new things through activities and play”, said Catherine Coupar, national junior member manager at Virgin Active South Africa.

“Not only does physical activity have a host of health and wellness benefits for kids, but more importantly active kids are also more likely to become active adults. We’re committed to helping South African parents change their children’s lifestyles so that they grow up into active, healthy, and happy adults.”

Virgin Active also offers tailored health and fitness experiences for children aged 18 months to 13 years with its Club-V and Club-V Max facilities and programmes.

The chain of health clubs has toddler programmes that focus on developing key skills in motor development, active play for the four to seven-year-olds, to activities and classes tailored for eight to 13-year-olds.

These facilities will provide a safe and secure environment for kids to have fun and get moving. There is also a fully equipped nursery with care facilities for babies as young as six weeks where they can nap and play.

“Our philosophy is simple: getting kids moving when they’re young and instilling healthy habits is the springboard for a lifelong journey of wellness,” said Coupar.

“That’s why we have developed this concise guide that is a quick dip-in, a dip-out resource for hardworking parents and busy kids, designed to bring the two together for fun activities that can be explored in 15 minutes that will hopefully set the base for a mentally and physically healthy life.”

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