Kwenzo Ngcobo on his captivating role Qhawe on Showmax’s The Wife

Johannesburg- Kwenzo Ngcobo will be one of the actors who will be playing the captivating role of Qhawe Zulu on Showmax’s The Wife.

Kwenzo is no newbie on our television screens, he is known for his role on’s  Imbewu The Seed.

Speaking to Sunday World The Wife actor let us in on his life and how his acting career has been so far.

Born and bred in Ezingloweni in Port Shepstone, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Kwenzo developed his love and passion for acting at a very tender age.

“I remember my father used to bring home movies and back then we were still using VHD’s. I enjoyed action movies to an extent where I envisioned myself in them one day.”

Kenzo’s desire to become an actor at a tender age was established when he did the story of the birth of Jesus, back in Sunday school.

Upon completing his high school years he took a gap year, allowing himself to figure out what exactly he wanted to pursue in his life.

The Durban University of technology Drama graduate has mostly devoted most of his acting career to theatre.

“Having to transition from theatre to television was a huge challenge, it was nerve-racking. The process of being an actor in the theatre world is way different than what an on-screen actor would normally do on a day-to-day basis.”

Gradually Kwenzo has grasped the ins and outs of being an on-screen actor.

Having to audition for The Wife, Kwenzo had never read any of the books before, from the Hlomu series.

“I do remember way back whilst I was in varsity, women were raving about the book. I personally wasn’t interested in it because I’m really not much of a reader.”

“When I got this role I called my little sister, to tell the entire family about my new role on The Wife, not knowing that she was a huge fan of the book she screamed her lungs out with excitement.”

Going for the auditions of The Wife, Kwenzo was initially auditioning for the role of Mqhele. Nevertheless, he never had any expectations because he never knew how big the characters were at the time.

“If I knew the book, I would’ve done better but because I was in the dark I was just auditioning for any role really.”

“Qhawe is a very chilled person, who doesn’t talk much but does not tolerate any nonsense from anybody. He is that brother who is very protective of his family and those who he cares about dearly.”

Kwenzo shares that his character Qhawe and him personally are relatable in the sense that they are two very quiet people, introverts to be more specific.

“Qhawe and Kwenzo are different because Qhawe is very brutal, but the cause of that is caused by his upbringing and having to witness his parents die.”

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