Sophie Ndaba’s son, Lwandle explains every verse in his song

Johannesburg – Following the release of a song where the son of legendary television actress Sophie Ndaba slamming his step-father and mother’s former husband, Max Lichaba, Lwandle Ndaba, has released a damning press release, explaining why he released the song as well as the meaning behind the lyrics.

Physical abuse: In their constant fights that we overheard(time and time again).

Financial abuse: I witnessed the financial investment from day one into all of his businesses by my mother (KwaLichaba Soweto Chesa Nyama, LCR). Health issues: My mother spoke of diabetes in the media in order to hide the truth behind her weight loss- the weight loss was caused by stress.


Constantly told her she was ugly after initially complimenting her on her beauty -he told her that she was ugly and nobody would want her -he told her he loved her voluptuous body and then body shamed her -There was a day she kicked him out of the house and removed his clothing and threw the clothes outside. She had found out about another Facebook affair he was pursuing and the fight was even audible to our immediate neighbours because it happened in and outside the house and he actually stressfully bumped one of his cars while reversing.

We’re the kids in the house heard and saw everything because their voices were loud enough for even the neighbours to hear.

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Personally assessed that my mother really got sick and went into deep depression because Max and my oldest sister fell-out after she took my mum to the hospital and demanded that he pay for what he did to my mother. He said that my older sister has no right to instruct him “on how he should be caring for his wife”.


My mother invested over 1 million Rands into alcohol stock at KwaLichaba Soweto chesanyama and its renovations. -when the staff from KwaLichaba started communicating the conflicts with the media, my mother shielded the reputation of the KwaLichaba brand: because she was now Sophie Lichaba -I once confronted my mother begging her to leave KwaLichaba as we have a home that she built-from-scratch: 20 years ago and I could see that this relationship was deteriorating her health and I didn’t want to lose my mother.


I lived and shared a home with Max Lichaba and my mother Sophie Ndaba -I witnessed an instance where my mother took shelter by locking herself into a guest bedroom for fear for her life. -Max proceeded to break open the door before my eyes… all of those present in the house watched this happen, including our helper/ domestic worker.

How can he speak of respecting women due to having a daughter and sisters:

  • When he punched Sophie’s tiny body in front of his sister and bodyguard at KwaLichaba Vaal?
  • Because she refused to serve his traffic cop girlfriend and her friends in VIP?
  • I was selling hubbly on that same day at the venue and heard this from a waitress who was serving that particular table.
  • My mother went into the bathroom crying and thereafter went home. This was just one of many instances where my mother was being forced to serve Max’s many girlfriends that the staff knew of, but my mother was unaware and the staff would divulge these details to me because we are peers and they were concerned staff members.


I started living with them (Sophie and Max) because I needed to be closer to school because my dad (Themba Ndaba) lives further away. -a decision was made that I live with (Max and Sophie) -when I started going to school full-time it was winter. I used to take 3 taxis to school, 3 taxis back home, even if I leave home at 5 a.m. for school; I would get home at 7 or 8 p.m. (after leaving school at 3 or 4 p.m.) -my mum had given me one of her cars (the Mercedes CLK 500: paid-up fully)

  • -my step father went behind my mother’s back with her vehicle registration papers for the Mercedes CLK 500.
  • He pawned the vehicle without her knowledge in 2019 using her vehicle registration papers, behind her back.
  • to date the whereabouts of the vehicle are unknown, only my step father knows where the car is.
  • my father Themba Ndaba, subsequently bought me a new vehicle, which I am currently driving.


I remember when she had a stroke from a message she got from a man who claimed Max was sending his wife messages, nudes and videos. They were of Max’s private parts because I overheard the fights in the house. This was because of a BMW Z4 car that was purchased by the man’s wife in her name for Max. -When she suffered what I thought was a panic attack during the lockdown, where I personally nursed her: unbeknownst to me: she had suffered a stroke -for a complete month or two my mother taught me how to do physio on her body, as the lockdown restrictions had all medical practitioners closed due to the state of national emergency -I found out about the contents of the reason for her stroke during the fight that evening when she confronted him about it in the bedroom (I overheard the loud conversation as my bedroom was directly opposite theirs)


I would like to clarify that he has dropped me off once or twice at school. -he has never taken me to any doctors appointment or medical practitioner and has never paid for my medical fees. -my biological parents have taken care of me my entire life (not Max Lichaba).


yes he organized my driving lessons through a driving school whose contacts he had in Randburg: and offered to paid for a few lessons in order to prepare me for my driving lessons. (I already knew how to drive). -on the day of my test; he had the money he promised to pay: and he knew about my appointment date. On the day he said he had more important things to pay for. My parents paid for : -driver’s licence test: paid for by my mother Sophie Ndaba -issue of licence: paid for by my father Themba Ndaba


My mother and Max argued one day, with me being in the room directly opposite, I heard their loud voices arguing.

I was woken up by their arguing from my sleep abruptly -I overheard my mother accusing my stepdad of inviting several women to his rental farm -One of the women my mother spoke of was a make-up artist he had invited several times to KwaLichaba, who had been hired previously to work at the Miss KwaLichaba pageant -I overheard Max telling my mother “You think she’s the only one?” and heard him elaborate: “if you want to fight this one in particular, you should be prepared to fight not 3 nor 6, but 9 of them…” -I heard my mother get out of the room and heard her footsteps leave(one set of footsteps), after assuming she was going to get water downstairs or pray as she usually does- not thinking she was actually leaving the house.


I heard the sound of a car starting only to look out of my window to see my mother drive off in Max’s rented Maserati -I only found out later that day after my mom crashed with the Maserati that she was admitted into a hospital in Welkom; after being informed by my sister at 10h00 while still at school on a Friday afternoon -I found out that my mother had promised Max’s daughter a school surprise -My mom was driving to Welkom to deliver a birthday cake and birthday party packs as a surprise for her birthday -My stepsister’s mom was then at my mother’s side in hospital: being the birthday girl’s mother, to comfort my mother -My elder sister found out my mother was in hospital after seeing transactions paying for hospitalization and towing and alerted us -The transactions went off on my mother’s business email address as bank notifications -So for me I was informed while in class, and had to finish my Friday lessons which ended at 12h00 on a Friday -My sister assured me that Mama was stable; and that I should not panick. I finished my lessons and headed home to wait for further communication.

My mother was then discharged and a prescription given to my sister who then bought medication to ensure that my mother is discharged -My mother arrived home safely that evening after Max went to Welkom to be by her side with his bodyguards


My mother on her wedding anniversary found out and informed my Aunt of this girlfriend who kept calling Max to come clinic appointment.

My mom spoke to her by answering the phone. The woman was angry on the phone assuming it’s Max who answered and blurted out “Max, I didn’t make this baby alone, Sophie doesn’t own you, I’m waiting at the clinic!”

I was in Bloemfontein who I was visiting at the time and she was sobbing and screaming on the phone that “it’s enough!”.

My mother at the time was in Kimberly with Max -My aunt begged mom to leave immediately and my mother agreed but did not pitch. -It was impossible not to over this conversation as we were in the lounge with my with cousins and my aunt was in the kitchen cooking lunch, and on speaker unexpecting this horrific message.

She started screaming and fell onto the floor sobbing.

We were boys in house and we’re helpless. I knew my mom was in trouble.

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