Temptations Island eliminated contestants share their views on the show

Johannesburg – South Africa’s ultimate relationship test reality show, the Temptation Island has already seen two couples give in to temptation, and four others eliminated without finding love.

The show first premiered on 26 August 2021, with new episodes every Thursday.

Temptations Island follows couples at intersections in their relationship, where they must decide if they are ready to commit to one another or call it quits.

The couples experience a luxurious holiday in Knysna, where they live separately with 20 sexy and single men and women who are also looking for love.

Eliminated contestants talk about their experience and share their views of others on the show.

Zinhle Nkosi says she was eliminated because she struggled to connect with the guys romantically.

A connection between her and Grant sparked although he was not what she would have preferred.

Like Zinhle, S’bu Ngidi also struggled to connect with the ladies. He says “physical attraction is a big deal” to him.

Kwanele ‘Finch’ Thusi says the reason for his elimination “was that the four ladies from day one had already decided who were the strongest and weakest amongst the single guys.

“I feel like their strategy is to first eliminate the strongest men. By doing so, this automatically eliminates the need for them to be challenged by the alphas in the villa.

“The ladies found that myself and S’bu challenged them a lot, especially when it came to us questioning why they’re on this show, and they found that too intense”.

Kwanele did however manage to connect with Nthabi whom they engaged deeper to the core of her childhood and relationship with MJ.

On the other hand, Lilitha Mlahlwa says she couldn’t pretend there was a connection between her and any of the guys and is glad she was eliminated.

However, there was a slight connection between her and Sfiso, and was put off by the fact that Sfiso connected with three other ladies and she came fourth on the queue.

“There was a time where he wanted me to accompany him to his room for a chat. What put me off is that he then asked permission from one of the girls for us to go to his room. I didn’t like that. I don’t like a man that doesn’t take charge. He could’ve just told me to go with him instead of asking permission from another woman,” she said.

Meanwhile S’bu, Zinhle and Lilitha say there is nothing they would’ve done differently given a second chance, Kwanele says she would’ve implemented a strategy.

“I would’ve entered the villa with a strategy. I know this sounds disingenuous and like I won’t be honest about my feelings, but I feel like that’s what most of the girls came in with, and some of the gentlemen.

“They came in with a strategy of wanting to stay in the villa and be on camera for as long as possible. Some people came onto this show with pure intentions and some came here to find fame.

“If I knew that there were strategies in place, I would’ve also come in with a strategy of how I would’ve wanted to be perceived. But I didn’t: I was just being myself, looking for real connections.”

The Quadro believes that most relationships still standing on the show are in danger, “I don’t think MJ and Bontle are going to be in a relationship after this. I don’t think MJ is here for love. I think it’s more for clout,” said Lilitha.

However, Zinhle believes the Villa is filled with vibes, ” There are so many vibes in the villa but one person that is a hit is Sifiso. The girls are vibing with him but I’m not sure if his intentions are genuine. One minute he’s vibing with Dimpho, then Eve, then Gigi. The guy’s vibing, hey!” she said.

Over and above all, they all enjoyed the experience.

Image supplied: S’bu

Temptation Island is a remarkable platform and show. The intention I had for coming onto this show was not only to learn more about myself but it was to also unlearn things that I felt were holding me back from moving forward in terms of romantic relationships. Coming onto this platform made me feel that I am considerate and that I do have a heart. Being on the show helped me connect with my softer side. A lot of guys don’t want to speak about their vulnerable side, but guess what? I got vulnerable and I’m now comfortable with speaking about it. I’m loving this soft living; this softer S’bu is a vibe!” said S’bu.

Image supplied: Lilitha

I developed a sisterhood with the ladies which I appreciate. I also enjoyed discovering myself while on the show. If I wasn’t OK, I was able to go to the diary room and vent. I probably cried in that diary room every day but it helped; it felt as though I was in a therapy session, which I appreciate” Lilitha explained.

Image supplied: Kwanele

Being in the villa and having an all-access pass to the entire house. I also walked out having developed a lot of strong friendships with the gents. And I learned a lot about loyalty. I will add that the best thing was also meeting the four ladies, even though they are very indecisive and play too many mind games. But I do wish them all the best.” said Kwanele.

Image supplies: Zinhle

Even though I’m one of the first people to be eliminated, I’m glad I got to build those friendships and I feel like what we built was genuine”, Zinhle concluded.

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