TKZee’s Kabelo Mabalane shares on how he lost R2 million to drugs

Johannesburg- South African kwaito star Kabelo Mabalane has recently revealed how he lost R2 million to drugs.

Mabalane is a member of the well-known kwaito trio TKZee, and revealed this big secret in a tell-all on the famous Podcast and Chill with MacG.

Speaking to Mac G real name MacGyver Mukwevho, Kabelo shared the ‘rock-star life’ he lived 20 years ago and opened up about having a drug addiction back in the 90’s.

This was the life he lived before he became a respectable public figure and family man.

“Four or five grams a day? So when you get home, go measure what a gram looks like and then times it by five. It messes you up financially.” he shared.

Kabelo revealed that  he spent about R2 million in total for drugs only and how grateful he is that he did not end anybody’s life as a result of his addiction.

Bouga Luv as he is popularly known by his fans revealed that he also used to get into a lot of trouble back in the 90’s.

“I got into lots of trouble man and I thank God that it didn’t become like an Oscar Pistorious or a Jub Jub piece where people lost their lives you know what I’m saying?

“Talking about Jub Jub and Oscar, not condoning whatever happened but my heart went out to them because I saw me. I was there. I could’ve hit the guy with a baseball bat in the head and the guy could’ve been dead.

“My heart did go out to those two when it happened and I’m just really grateful to God that we can look back, laugh, you know. And there’s no kind of serious repercussions,” stated Kabelo.

Watch the full podcast below:


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